Private Dog Training Lessons

Private 1 on 1 Training

Join us in the training journey with your dog for 1 on 1 private dog training.  We'll be training you.  We'll work on the dog's state of mind along with your leadership and structure in an effort to address all the issues, even the one's you may not know you have!    Private training is ideal for the owner who wants to experience the growth, learning and change with their dog.  There is nothing like seeing the light bulbs go off for you both. 

Private Obedience Training - 5 Lessons $399

Ask me about pricing for multiple dogs

Suitable for the dog with no major behavioral issues 

In-Home Private Training is Available in Rockingham and Pinehurst (~30 mile radius)

20 weeks to adult
For the happy go lucky dog with no real behavioral issues.  This program is designed to teach basic manners & obedience with proofing under distractions at the park and retailers, around other dogs, putting a stop to nonsense issues, and helping you become a better leader for your dog.  Each lesson is approximately 1 hour per week with the trainer.   You'll have homework assignments between lessons.   Your program may include reference materials, video tutorials, email and phone or email support from the trainer(s). 

  • Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Come When Called, Walking Nicely on the Leash, Place, Leave-It, Watch Me & Out
  • Ask about multiple dog discount for dogs trained at the same time.  
  • All lessons must be completed within 60 days of your start date. 

Private Behavior Modification - 6 Lessons - $699

Ask me about pricing for multiple dogs

You are going to learn the most on this journey of changing your dog's behavior.  Your dog grows and changes with you -- at home.  We know the struggle many people have with behavioral issues -- I've lived it myself with a personal dog years ago, many fosters, and many client dogs!   Our goal is to help you establish effective leadership to make every day life easier and your dog's behavior better.   We want you to enjoy your walks, have friends over again, and enjoy your dog and home!   The journey doesn't have to be overwhelming and you don't have to do it alone.
Dana is regarded highly as the Sandhills' Aggression and Reactivity Specialist with excellent results.


Ask me about custom programs for clients beyond the travel region.    Custom options may be available.

20 weeks to adult
This program will dig deep into behavioral issues and train you on the remote.  Though we leverage fundamental obedience, our primary focus on behavior problem solving.  This in-home program take more commitment on your part to implement homework and practice scenarios.  

Common topics in this program include:

  • Aggression:  Dog to dog aggression, Human Aggression, Fear Aggression
  • Leash Reactivity  
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Resource Guarding
  • Pack Integration

The training program will include

  • Socialization with balanced dogs
  • Low-Level Remote Collar Training
  • Real-life training scenarios and solutions
  • Lifetime Aftercare program:  Phone and Email Support, Access to a Private Facebook Group.  And Pack Walks when available.   Discounted Tune-Up Lessons if needed.
  • All lessons must be completed within 80 days of your start date.ave 5% by coming to Us

Ask me about pricing for multiple dogs