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Wellness is so Much more Than Training

For or years, I have considered "state of mind" to be a critical factor in addressing behavioral issues within my dog training business. It's not just about Sit & Down -- it's about why they would do those commands for you at all. The relationship, the engagement with you, the joy of the work.

But did you know how your dog "feels" physically will affect his state of mind.   That digestion takes 1/3 of of your dog's daily energy?    That kibble take about 15 hours to begin breaking down into usable energy?   Most dogs don't have the enzymes they need to digest kibble effectively?

Did you know cells in the body hold on to memory and can take up to 7 generations of healthy changes to change the genetic make-up?   Did you know vaccinations can have an impact on your dog's long-term health and behavior (we're not anti-vaccine).

Did you know nutrition, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies can help improve your dog's health and behavior?  Can be used for emergency first aid (on your way to the vet), etc.

We can setup a consultation to review so many benefits to holistic natural feeding and holistic support to your dog's health and behavior.

You will be amazed at the results.


Don't worry, I'm not going to force you into anything.   I'll share options - -but yes, you'll hear what I think is the best there is.  You get to choose what you can do within your budget & goals.  No judgement zone!


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