Dog Nutrition & Wellness

The food you feed your dog has a direct result on his well being -- an his behavior.  

Sometime ago, I made to Volhard Dog Nutrition as a way to feed a high quality raw diet to my dogs, with a bit of convenience relative to the grocery shopping & daily prep time.   I have been so pleased with the results  -- I became a consultant.  

Not only have I seen some amazing results in my personal dogs, I have seen behavioral issues significantly improved just by changing the quality of food for my client dogs.  Now, I'm able to help them make better food choices for puppies, aging dogs & all life stages, including the unwell pet who may need a bit of added care to their diet. 

With direct access to the developer of this nutritional food product & supplements, and a team of consultants we can help you improve the quality of your dog's life.  

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I am extremely proud to offer consulting support for Volhard Dog Nutrition


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