The Energy of Dog Training 

You need this workshop — and you know it.
Now is the time to start making the changes and end the nonsense or struggle.


This workshop is like no other -- A one of kind opportunity. 

The Premium Workshop

  • I'm literally going to tell you pretty much everything I know.   We will start with how you may need to modify your leadership to create a better relationship with your dog & get the results you want.  
  • We'll cover the fundamentals of how obedience needs to be incorporated into every day life -- not just training time.  
    • I'll review your videos as you work on your obedience skills & share talking points with you.
  • We'll talk about problem solving the most common behavioral issues -- Separation Anxiety, Stranger Danger/Fear, Reactivity, Resource Guarding, Thunder/Firework phobias, and more.   We'll touch on aggressive behaviors -- but I will not be coaching you on aggression rehab in this class.
  • Game Play -- why it matters & the rules
  • Embracing your dog's instincts / why exercise (walking & play time) alone isn't enough.
  • Learn the typical mistakes people make in training and how to correct them
  • Learn how your energy influences your dog.  And what can you do to move your dog forward.
  • Learn more about relaxation techniques, therapeutic touch, and essential oils and other holistic approaches to better behavior and overcoming difficult behaviors.
  • How does Nutrition & Food affect behavior?
  • Bonuses!

Workshop Value over $1500 -- Your cost $299*

  • Access to a Private FB Group for Q&A -- Lifetime access
    • Weekly FB Live Presentations  starting October 1 - November 11
    • Video Content -- K9 Coach Demonstrations & Talking Points
    • Video Review of you working your dog
  • In-Person Workshop Saturday October 7 -- 10am - 2pm.  
    • Evaluations for your dog
    • Demonstrations of your first assignments
    • Socialization Exercises
  • In-Person Workshop  Sunday  November 12 -- 10am - 2pm 
    • Hands-On Tune-Up of Skills
    • Socialization
    • Demonstrations
    • Graduation




Optional Private 1:1 Session with me -- add-on $35 phone or $75 in-person (at the K9 Coach Only).   Must be completed before November 11. That's a 30-40% discount off normal pricing.     (Request for travel for consultation will be a full price)

The first 5 people who sign-up will receive One Private Session for Free!!    Held at K9 Coach Only.

Introduction to Nutrition & Essential Oils for your Dog -- first aid, aging, solving issues naturally, toxic free home, and more.

Introduction to Raindrop & Conditioned Relaxation for your dog.  

Introduction to Ecollar  -- How to get started / Why its better than other tools.

Schedule a free 30 minute photoshoot for your dog before or after your workshop (October 7th or November 6th) -- $50 for 5-7 digital high res images.    Or 20% off our other packages.  Held At K9 Coach Only.


Whole Dog Wellness Bonus

Join Young Living Essential Oils with a Premium Starter Kit now to November 30 and receive a free consultation w/ follow-up for nutrition & wellness for your pet.   Includes a Healing Touch Treatment or Raindrop Therapy or Reiki Session depending on your dog's needs.   (Questions Welcome)

The Foundation Training - Online Only -- $199

Are you remote, in a different state, work on the weekends?   No worries, you an still participate in the foundation training.  

Everything will be available to you, except the in-person workshop and photoshoot opportunity.  

Private Consultation Requests will be at full price.



The fine print:

  • bonuses and registration are NOT transferable

  • no refunds will be given once training begins

  • all content is copyright protected and not permitted to be distributed, reproduced, or shared outside of this training class

    • Your referrals are appreciated -- But please don't give away our ConteNt