Anxiety & Stress Relief

We offer solutions & techniques to aid dogs with anxiety, fear, or other emotional behavior issues.  

First, we explore essential oils, nutrition, and supplements that may help your dog feel more confident, release old memories, or relax through stressful times.  It may sound like snake-oil to you, but I promise there are significant and recurring results.    Sometimes, part of what we need to do is also get you to change feelings you are holding onto about your dog's past or expectations of the experiences and the oils can help you both.   See our page:   Whole Dog Wellness

We then pair this with a conditioned relaxation technique that helps your dog learn to calm and settle on command.   Teaching the dog to be able to relax in situations that normal make them very uncomfortable, aroused, or nervous.   These techniques can be applied to help resolve issues with vet visits, storms, reactivity, and more.

The second is a massage-like technique using essential oils, called the Raindrop Technique. This is a highly powerful broad spectrum of oils.  And it it has been said that there may be a benefit to your dog for almost any condition, including some physical &  medical rather than emotional issues.  Contact us to discuss how this many benefit your dog and schedule an appointment.  We use only Young Living Essential oils for quality.   Learn More

Every case we work with during board and train will leverage these techniques.   We will encourage you to add their usage to your home training or aftercare program.   You'll find that there are many other benefits available to you and your family as well.

We can help you with the anxiety relief program as an add-on to your private lessons or consultations.  


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Ask us about Essential OIls, Relaxation Techniques

Ask us about Essential OIls, Relaxation Techniques