Bite Prevention Tip # 13

Someone asked me a week or so ago as we we’re evaluating a dog we had never met before

“What would you do if the dog attacked you” 

In this case I think it’s more than a bite and retreat but a dog that is truly redlined with intent. 

So assuming I had the dog on a leash, I’d try a stiff arm and lift the dog off the ground. Think bow and arrow with the leash. That assumes the dog is small enough to lift at least the front feet. 

If that’s not an option the leash is going around the dogs neck and choke them out. 

Note I always carry a leash to an evaluation. 

No leash, or off leash dog I’d kick first hard in the belly/ribs and then I’m going going for a choke out with my hands... think wrestle mania, bare naked hold. 

Can’t get the middle of s brawl, you can try fingers in the back end. Think rectal exam. 

Be prepared for redirection. It can easily happen.

You must keep your wits about you and put your plan in place. 

I hope none of you ever face it, but you need to mentally prepare and think through these things well in advance.

Doesn’t matter if you are a dog pro, rescuer, volunteer or just walking your neighborhood.

Dana Brigman