Bite Prevention Tip # 5

Too many pet guardians rely on these beliefs:
🐾 He's never done that before
🐾 He's extremely tolerant
🐾 He loves children

We all have a threshold of tolerance and reach a breaking point. You have one yourself. There comes a point for everyone where we just can't take it another second. 

While your dog may love your children, he may not love all children. Even if it's just one single child with the wrong energy that pushes your dog too far. You know you've met people before that you just didn't vibe with -- well, your dog will too.

Forcing your dog to interact and expecting him to be patient and tolerant with every interaction is unrealistic. While you're socializing and training your dog, let him know that you will be his advocate. 

Patience can wear thin as the duration of interaction becomes too long. Whether this is a child petting your dog constantly while you're out at the cafe, or whether you have someone who has come to visit for the holidays and the energy in the house is elevated for much longer than normal. 

Let children know "that's enough now". Allow your dog to retreat to his crate or safe space and be left alone.

Dana Brigman