Bite Prevention Tip # 7

No shame in the muzzle! 

Wear it proudly and who cares what anyone else thinks!

Many people fear going out in public, even a walk in the neighborhood. Don’t be afraid! And don’t restrict your dog’s opportunity for progress. 

When the time comes in your training you must get into the scenarios! The dog and you both need to have the engagement and exercise to work together to address social issue.

Your dog may never make friends, but that’s ok. Having a muzzle on gives many owners confidence to know nothing bad can happen if a dog or person catch you by surprise and it gives you opportunities to practice the skills a trainer is teaching you. 

If your dog has situational risks wear a muzzle to work through advancements. At home when company comes over, the beach, mountain trail or right on into the local retailer. Go for it! 

And don’t be in a hurry to not use it. 

Build many successes and see your dog’s and your own energy and confidence shift in positive ways.

Dana Brigman