Bite Prevention Tip # 9

You are a pet owner, guardian, handler, parent. You have a responsibility to the dog and others at all times.

If you have taken a dog with you in public, your priority is that animal. Not your shopping, your adult beverage, or your bff. 

You must be aware of his state of mind at all times and who or what may be causing a shift in energy. 

Adjust accordingly, even if that means leaving early. 

Not all dogs enjoy the social scene, and some can only tolerate a short outing. No matter how much you expected to have a social dog, if you have one they isn’t, you must honor that. 

If it’s fear or insecurity, there is as much risk as a dog who is more attitudinal. You can work on improving skills but while you are working, supervision and awareness matter even more. But as with humans, some are just less social than others. 

When you are your dog’s advocate, he and you will be happier.

Dana Brigman