Bite Prevention Tips # 4

Dogs who spend excessive amounts of time on a chain or in small confinement spaces can become frustrated and very agitated. They are often very under socialized and territorial. 

Dog's that spend most of their time without human interaction / supervision can fall into this category as well. Frustration and arousal in a dog without social skills is a very dangerous situation. 

Teach your child to never approach the neighbor’s, friend’s or family member’s chained or “penned” dog.

Teach your child to never taunt a dog in any way. No rocks, no sticks, no whistles, no yelling, no food, nothing. Ignore the dog. 

It’s a lot like bullying and very bratty behavior. And it’s dangerous. The dog is going to create and association of frustration and anger with children. 

Chains break. And dogs escape enclosures. Everyday. 


If you have a neighbor with a dog living on a chain or poor conditions call animal control to have it checked out and know your risk. 

It may not be an easy conversation to have with a neighbor or even a family member or friend, but it’s a conversation worth having when the well-being of humans and animals are at stake. Meet the guardian with kindness and you may just create a change.

Dana Brigman