Working with The K9 Coach on Aggression - Board and Train

Dog to Dog Aggression is Serious.  And not an easy fix.   What you can expect from our training

I have traditionally recommended a board and train. But over the years I’ve changed my mind about that — a little. Right now we are not offering Board and Train. I can work with you on a custom private program that helps you go through the experience and shift energy and leadership with your dogs, rather than having them come home in a new state of mind and you’re holding on to old energy.

Board and Train:

If you have more than 1 dog in your home fighting, we want both dogs to participate.   Why, so we can spend lots of time with your dog(s) getting to know their behavior and underlying issues.  We will see things you don’t see.  And we’ll push buttons that you might not be willing to push.  We will create scenarios for proofing your dog’s responses.  And we’re a lot better skilled at timing, technique and working through the issues.

We will be looking for underlying issues of dog to dog aggression — insecurity, lack of confidence, bullying, bratty behaviors.

Your dog is going to have a very structured routine, confident leadership, and a solid obedience foundation.  The foundation is essential.

We will address resource guarding.   Your dog will spend time daily with socialization beginning with a muzzle and working towards off muzzle & off leash integration.

And yes, we’re going to correct your dog when we need to.   We can do this fairly, effectively and with a lot less emotional stress that you will.

Expect us to ask a lot of questions before your training starts & maybe even during.   Expect us to just tell it like it is — even if you don’t like it or don’t want to hear it.   The only way I can take on clients who have dogs who fight, is if I believe they are committed to the aftercare & training necessary to keep everyone safe in the future.

And know that even after training, the dogs may simply be incompatible or you maybe unwilling to put in the work.  It happens sometimes. But if you’re committed, we’ll be there with you.

Does Training Always Work?

  • Not always. Even with the most obedient dogs and best of owners, there may come a point where the dogs simply are incompatible.

  • Sometime with litter mates, it is just to difficult or to unsafe for them to live together.

  • Sometimes, the fight can be so bad that the emotional scars are hard to overcome for one of the dogs.

  • Sometimes what we get is tolerance not buddies and playmates.   And it can take a really long time to continue making incremental progress.

  • When dogs are significantly varied in size and are not getting along, there is a considerable risk to injury to the smaller dog

  • 2 female dogs can be significant fighters

What you can Expect when you go home

You will have homework.   For a minimum of 30-60 days you are going to run your own little mini-bootcamp.  We’ll show you how.   And the dog will already know how.  But you have to prove to the dog(s) that you have changed and will hold them accountable to a high standard of behavior than you ever have before.

They need to see you as a confident leader.  They need to be relieved of duty from being the decision maker on how things are done at home.

  • You will need to see me for follow-up lessons, watch videos for technique etc. Trust me this is not about changing the oil and rotating the tires. You need to learn how to drive a new car.

  • You will need to practice obedience and incorporate skills in to everyday life and routines

  • You’re going to need to do some training with your dog on a regular basis to keep him mentally stimulated and challenged, and keeping you in a position of leadership

  • You’ll need to exercise the dogs in ways that provide outlets for their natural instincts and needs of the breed.

  • You’re going to need to do work with each dog 1:1 and with the dogs in pairs and packs.

  • You will need to crate your dogs when you are not able to supervise

  • You are going to have to supervise

  • You are going to have to implement safety protocols

  • You are going to have to take added precautions for who cares for your dog when you’re on vacation

  • You are going to have to correct your dog.

Training isn’t magic.  We will work to teach bite/fight inhibition through showing the dog what we want them to do, how to do it and rewarding when they make a great choice.   We’ll correct them when they make the wrong choice and demonstrate aggressive behaviors.   And for the 4 weeks he’s here with us, we will see great results.

You have a lifetime to live with and manage the dog and keeps these skills sharp, rules clear, and leadership in place.  It’s not always easy.

The bottom line is you are going to have to make some changes too.  And you’re going to have to stick with them.  It’s a big responsibility to live with and rehab dogs with dog to dog aggression.

Dana Brigman