Emergency Preparations - Fire Drills

You love dogs. You have several. You may even be a foster home, trainer’s home, or someone who winds up with the dogs no one else can handle.

Sometimes when we have multiple dogs in our home, they don’t always get along. You may be in a state of chronic crate and rotate. For some, that is daily life.

But what happens at 4am when the smoke alarm goes off. You need plan.

Here are a few safety protocols to think about.

  • Know who is responsible for what dog, and in what order and where the dogs are going to go when you get them out of the house.

  • Where are their collars and leashes?

  • Do you have safety hooks permanently mounted cleats or hooks that you can quickly connect a leash to out of harms way? This may be on a tree in the yard, but must be out of the way of emergency personnel. Perhaps you and a neighbor work out shared system.

    • We used boat cleats on trees away from the building structures that would could put a leash on quickly.

    • We also had cable tethers attached to fixed poles in the yard at well-spaced intervals that we could hook a dog too quickly.

    • Be sure to check integrity of these devices at least 2-3 times year just like you do your smoke detectors.

  • Have neighbor on standby to help you, assuming your dog is not aggressive to other people too.

Practice safety drills in the same way you teach your children to exit the house in emergency.

In some cases it may make sense to have back-up leashes, collars, muzzles, crates.

Wait your dog isn’t muzzle conditioned and you’re living a crate and rotate lifestyle? You need to get on that task! You may not use it often, but believe me you’ll be glad that it is one less thing to worry about when crisis and stress is happening.

It’s important that you think about training through some of the issues you may be facing with your dogs rather that just living with them. There may come time where an emergency happens and you need s many things to go right as possible. And if you are unable to go back into your home for a while, you need a much success as possible if your dog has to be boarded, stay with a friend, or be in a new home while everyone is under stress.

Now, what will you do if you are displaced from your home for a period of time???

Dana Brigman