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We contacted K9 Coach after we had reached our breaking point with our 4 year old lab Charlie. Charlie was a rescue and from the day we brought him home, he was anxious about new sounds, people, dogs, and life in general. After his fear started turning to fear aggression, we knew we needed serious help. After contacting Dana and Allison, we signed Charlie up for the three week board and train with simple goals--we wanted to be able to take Charlie outside on walks without fear of him acting aggressively toward people or dogs. After bringing Charlie home, we were amazed about how our expectations were exceeded. Charlie was taught to be confident in himself and his surroundings and enjoys going out without fear of new events. We no longer have to be scared that he will be aggressive. We can't say how much it means to us that Charlie can now enjoy life--we couldn't ask for anything more for our boy. Dana and her team are awesome at what they do, quick to respond and go above and beyond in every way. We highly recommend K9 coach for even the most difficult of dog situations!!
- Abby Hendricks
The K9 coach works miracles! My foster dog had a lot of issues when I first got him! He was afraid of people and would often growl. You could not even pet him. He had no training at all. After working with Dana, he became a completely different dog. He actually wanted my affection and learned many commands. His goofy, fun personality began to shine. He was adopted by a great family! Without Dana, he would not have had a chance at a new wonderful life!  
- Alica P