Dana Brigman K9 Coach
Dana Brigman Certified Dog Training Expert

Dana Brigman

Owner & Trainer — Behavioral Expert, Nutrition Expert, Aromatherapy Expert

I have had dogs my entire life.  I became involved in dog rescue in 2002. Through rescue work, I developed great skills for working with challenging dogs. Taking on an aggressive foster lead to me participate in intense dog training with a local trainer.   That became a passion and ultimately led me to leave a 21 year career in corporate America to follow a new dream. A dream of helping other people learn how to enjoy their dog.   Still involved in rescue work and supporting local rescue groups through training programs -- The K9 Coach was born in 2011. 

I won't tell you I have seen it all, because I never cease to be amazed at situations humans have put animals in.   But I'm also amazed at animal behavior, resiliency, and spirit.  I am also a life-long student of dog behavior, people and techniques to bring the two together in a happy K9 family.  

I attended the National K9 School for Dog Trainer and today, I'm living the dream as a Certified Dog Trainer -- spending time out doors playing with dogs; teaching them new behaviors and skills to be a happier part of your family. It is a great reward to see a family overcome issues they are experiences with their dog & start to experience the joy dogs can bring.   It's even more rewarding to prevent those issues by starting a puppy off on the right foot!

Over the years I sought answers for why so many dogs were struggling with behavior. I found amazing answers in nutrition and wellness. My goal today is to leverage every thing we can to achieve long-term results and a thriving happy healthy dog.

Nothing brings me more joy than bringing a dog back into balance and giving that joy to his family --- except maybe also sharing beautiful pictures to give families memories of a lifetime.

K9 Coach Carolinas moved to North Myrtle Beach South Carolina in the summer of 2019. I am looking forward to bringing our services and results to families along the beach.

Look for us in Wilmington NC this fall :-)
Ask me about travel for consultations to your area — or having you visit me for a customized board and train at the beach — for both you and the dog!