Working Spots Are SOLD OUT as of January 12, 2019. We will announce a Spring Workshop Soon.

Read Instructions Fully Before Registering

I am excited to host another Difficult Dog Workshop. This is a active workshop with hands-on demonstrations with real client dogs.

We have 8 working spots open ($60) and observation spots ($35)

Who is this workshop for?

  • Reactive dogs. Those that lunge and bark on their leash when walking. Guardian/Handler MUST have physical strength and capabilities to manage the dog on leash under reactivity.

  • Fear of Stranger Dogs: Dogs that are fearful or reactive when greeting another person or dog in home, in public. These dogs are usually fine unless we are “too close” for comfort.

  • Dogs that need socialization and greeting skills

  • Resource Guarders

  • Dog with Over Arousal - too much excitement with people, other dogs, around food/toys, etc.

This Workshop is NOT appropriate for dogs with:

  • Aggression*: bite history, fight history, intense prey drive,

  • Handlers* who cannot control the dog.

  • *Be honest in your assessment — otherwise you may be asked to leave the workshop and schedule private lessons. No refunds will be given.

We don’t expect your dog to be perfect. They may bark and be disruptive our goal is to get that under control. You will be emailed arrival guidelines and safety protocols prior to the workshop.

This is a working dog workshop. There will be hands-on demonstrations and lecture modules.

I will demonstrate with you different training tools, including halti, harnesses, prong collars, and ecollars. The choice of using them will be up to you, but you just may find they change your life. We will have some available for purchase.

We will also include a module on wellness (nutrition and essential oils) and the significant effect it can have on K9 behavior. Attendees who are interested in these products have the opportunity to get a $25 product credit.

The First 4 People to register will also get access to our

Energy of the Dog Online Training Workshop. That’s a $59 Savings.

Regiister Here — Observers Spots ONLY Remain.

10am -4pm Saturday February 23. Arrival and getting settled 9:30am

Name *
I am applying for a *
My Dog Has *
In DETAIL describe the items you checked above for your dog. What do you see, what have you experienced, what have you tried.
I Agree To The Following *
You must agree or you will not be permitted into class

Requirements For Attendance:

  • Copy of your Rabies Vaccination Record (Titers Accepted)

  • You will be asked to sign a indemnification form upon arrival.

  • A quality leash (no frays, no knots, no worn, rusted, plastic clips)

  • Secure Collar — no plastic buckle collars

  • A Treat Pouch with adequate supply of High Value Treats for your dog.

  • A Crate (if you don’t have one ask me about setup)

  • Muzzle if your dog needs its.

  • Frozen Kong(s) to keep your dog occupied in his crate.

  • Poop Bags — you are responsible for clean-up

  • Towels — if it’s raining to dry your dog.

  • Bring a folding chair

  • Arrival On Time

  • Bring a jacket — we’ll work rain or shine. We will work indoors (heated) for lectures, but we’ll move outside as needed.

  • Bring your lunch. Any special dietary requirements you have — please bring your own supplies.

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