The K9 Coach Dog Training and Wellness, led by Dana Brigman, uniquely brings together behavior training and animal wellness for the beloved family dog.

I get it.  You're here because you need help.   You may need serious help with serious issues like aggressive dog rehab.  You're worried.   Some of you just want to go out to dinner and not worry about the dog destroying the house.  Others of you just lack enough time to train your happy go lucky puppy by yourself.  You're frustrated and overwhelmed.  We can help you with either issue, and those in between. I've been where you are with behavioral issues in my own Great Dane.  Now, these are issues I solve everyday.

Over the years, I have expanded not only my training tool box to include a number of techniques and a lot of patience --- now I have really come to understand how energy, nutrition and state of mind affect behavior and wellness.   I look at a completion solution for your dog that includes instinctual behaviors and satisfaction, nutrition & wellness, and essential oils -- as well training. 

We aim to provide lifestyle training with your dog and to show you how to create engagement with your dog through strong Foundation, Fitness and Fun.

When your dog comes for board and train s/he will be integrated into my daily life, outings to the park, retailers, lunch,  play time and socialization.   I want to incorporate training into everyday life so he learns how to bring those skills home to you.
One thing I know for sure:  your dog can become a calmer, happier, more obedient dog. We can give you those results, and you can start to really enjoy having a dog in your life. Even when other trainers may have told you there were no options. 

i am looking for pet parents who are ready to partner with me.   Success will only happen if you are a committed to your dog and and ready to change your own communications, consistency, the home environment, and the daily activities your dog needs.   Are you committed to the process & prepared to make the changes needed to lead your dog to become a better companion?  If yes, I'm ready to help you on this journey...for the life of your dog.

Dana Brigman, The K9 Coach


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Be sure to ask me about Nutrition & Wellness Plans for your dog!

Reiki, Relaxation, Touch Therapies, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Exercise Plans & Game Play

All to address state of mind and overall health