Private Dog Training & Problem Solving

Private Training: You, Me & The Dog

Each program is customized based on your goals and current behavior. We will do a free phone evaluation to develop a custom training program.

You are going to learn the most on this journey of changing your dog's behavior. Your dog grows and changes with you -- at home. We know the struggle many people have with behavioral issues -- I've lived it myself with a personal dog years ago, many fosters, and many client dogs! Our goal is to help you establish effective leadership to make every day life easier and your dog's behavior better. We want you to enjoy your walks, have friends over again, and enjoy your dog and home! The journey doesn't have to be overwhelming and you don't have to do it alone.

Whether your goal is solving a single issue like walking on the leash or barking at the golf cart, or you have more complex issues that will require a series of lessons, I can help. Reach out and let’s come up with a plan to meet your needs.

We can meet for dog training in your home and as we progress we can go out and about to practice in places that fit your lifestyle.

General Package Pricing:

  • Basic Problem Solving, Manners & Basic Obedience: 4- 1 hour lessons $275

  • Behavior Mod: Aggression, Anxiety, Fear, Trauma Recovery 6 Lessons $599. (60-90 minutes)

  • Off-Leash Obedience 6: Lessons $499 + Cost of Ecollar (min$180)

  • Single Lessons: $ 100 first lesson (60 minutes)

    • $45 tune-up for package clients

  • Travel beyond 20 miles may incur a travel fee. Or You may travel to me.

    All services include a Wellness Review and options for discount on energy work services, nutritional consulting, or photography.

Dana is regarded highly as an Behavior, Aggression, Anxiety and Reactivity Specialist with excellent results and happy clients.