We are in the beginning stages of our new series of workshops!  Sure to fill up as quickly as our previous training programs, fill out the form below to stay in the loop about upcoming events!

Workshops will focus on:

  • General Behavior & Obedience
  • Wellness Plans
  • Your Dog's Instincts (and how to work with them)
  • Wholistic Training - Utilizing massage and essential oils.
  • Introduction to E-Collar Training

Speaking Engagements

The K9 Coach has an extensive knowledge about dog training, and she wants to come to you!  From HoA's to schools to educational seminars, Dana will bring her wealth of knowledge to share at your event!  Community work regarding pets in the neighborhood, obedience talks regarding biting and rough housing pets at an elementary school, wherever you choose, let's improve your experience with your pets!

Additionally, Dana is on the board for, and lead trainer of, the American Pitt Bull Foundation, as well as a certified Service Dog Trainer for people wanting Public Access Training under the ADA including mobility, PSTD, and more!

E-Courses & Train the Trainer

A multi-part course covering the Core Competencies of dog training and obedience.  Dog training is more than just sit, stay, and come when called.  Learn more about their body language and other methods of effective communication.  

Learn as much as you'd like, starting with our Core Training Course and expanding into various modules, including:

  • Basic Aggression
  • Resource Guarding
  • Managing Fear & Anxiety
  • Public Access for Service Dogs
  • and more!

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