Board & Train Center & Mailing Address
1837 N. Cove Court, North Myrtle Beach SC 29582
Office # 980-339-8064

Our in-home private dog training service Areas: 20 mile radius of North Myrtle Beach SC. You may visit me if desired or we may consider travel arrangements.

We offer 2-4 hour consultations in the Myrtle Beach, Wilmington and surrounding area & Workshops across the state.

Custom Consultation programs requiring travel may be available depending on the severity of your issues -- and we are happy to discuss a custom program for you.

We welcome board and train clients. It's worth the drive for the quality and value you will receive.


  • No. In most cases an evaluation is not necessary for me to assess the training program right for your dog. We are quite skilled at phone questioning to understand the behavioral issues and know how to address the dog behavioral modification.

  • We know that you may want to meet us before committing to the training investment. We can discuss a meet and greet option with you to observe your dog's behavior, understand more about the history, environment, and your goals. This is not a teaching session. It gives you a chance to get to know us better as well.

  • You may convert your meet and greet into Lesson 1 of your purchased package series if desired during our appointment or after consultation.


We are confident we will deliver an extremely valuable dog training service to you and your K9 at a competitive price. Pricing is often a sensitive topic and dog training can seem expensive. We fully respect that. We are completely committed to delivering a quality service with our on ongoing education, expertise and experience so that we can provide the best possible dog training experience to you and your dog. Moving to our new dog training center and combining that with our residence allows us to offer more affordable pricing to even more people. 

Obedience Training for your puppy or relatively well-behaved dog can set you up for a lifetime of joy and fun. It can also prevent many behavioral issues that may develop later in life by teaching your dog to listen to and trust you.

From first hand experience, I can tell you exactly how stressful it can be to have behavioral issues such as aggression or anxiety based issues. It can create frustration, fear and financial difficulties. Risks and liabilities are not to be taken lightly. Training your dog early can help prevent this from developing, but if you are already in the throes of this situation, we can still help. It can get better with training, discipline and consistency. The training becomes a small price to pay for stress reduction, safety of people, property or other animals and for the potential life of your dog.

Before you judge our pricing -- though competitive with other local trainers -- be sure to compare services, quality and results! Give us a chance to review our programs, answer your questions and evaluate your dog before you make a decision on your dog trainer.

I can’t afford your programs, but I’m in a bad situation with my dog – what can I do

We now have an online class!   Take a look to learn more and consider joining!

Please visit our social media sites for videos, blog articles, and Facebook for other training tips that may help you get started on your own.   When working with aggression or behavioral issues, we strongly recommend professional training.  Always take saftey measures and precautions!   Any dog can bite!

All pricing is subject to change without notice


  • We will send an invoice via PayPal for all services. Payment in full is due before services are delivered for all class types. As a small business we prefer Cash or Check for services to avoid additional fees.

    • Credit Cards are accepted with a moderate fee of 3%

  • Financing: Our fees are due up front for all dog training programs. We know that this can be difficult for some clients, and is especially trying when you have an urgent need for training assistance. Paypal offers a 6 month same as cash program for any charges over $99. Check it out!!!

  • Private Training Packages are specially priced to be more cost effective than single lessons. Commitment to a package/series typically produces greater results and follow-through from owner to the program series.

  • Board and Train Programs Deposit and Cancellation Policy

    • Board and Train Programs Deposit and Cancellation Policy

      • A 50% deposit is due at least 2 weeks in advance of your training program.

      • A minimum of $500 of your deposit is non-refundable regardless of cancellation date.

      • No dates will be held without deposit & receipt of your paperwork beyond 48 hours of your invoice and initial scheduling commitments.

      • No refunds are available after training begins.

    • Deposits can be refunded on the follow schedule:

      • Balance of deposit if notified at least 3 weeks (21 days) in advance of your scheduled start date less $500.

      • 50% of your deposit amount less $500 if notified at least 2 weeks (14 days in advance)

      • 25% of your deposit amount less $500 if notified at least 1 week (7 days in advance)

      • Deposit is not refundable on notifications within 6 days

    • Request to reschedule within 3 weeks of scheduled training will incur a $500 reschedule fee.

    • Discounts: We make a significant contribution to rescue groups and foster dog programs by giving free or reduced cost dog training to foster parents and foster dogs with significant issues. Your choice in selecting The K9 Coach as your trainer contributes to our mission of supporting rescue organizations and allows us an opportunity to save a dog that may otherwise be unadoptable

  • Private Training Scheduling & Cancellation Policy

    • Payment is due in full for your lesson series or consultation at the appointment.

    • No refunds are available after training begins

    • All lessons must be completed within a specific time period, based on your start date. Example a 6 lesson series must be completed within no more than 8 weeks from start.

    • Requests to reschedule must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

    • Same day cancellations or no-show appointments will result in a loss of that lesson credit.


Private Training for Multiple Dogs:

  • Private Training Multiple Dogs Trained at The Same Time as the first: Do you have two dogs or a friend who wants to share in the cost of training with you? We can do that. Call us about multiple dog pricing and to see if it's an option for the issues you're working on. Each dog must have it's own handler in a private lesson series or group class. (Does not apply to Board and Train Programs)

Vet Visits During Your Dog's Stay:

  • If your dog becomes unwell or injured during play/exercise or training, we will take him to the vet for treatment.  This includes but not limited to serious vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, GSV/Bloat, and injuries such as CCL/ACL,  hip & structural issues, objects that may have been ingested at home, etc.   You will have signed an emergency medical treatment form.   All medical issues will be the responsibility of the owner, unless there has been direct negligence from The K9 Coach.  

    • See the Physical Activity Agreement in your Signed Boarding Agreements


  • Your dog stays at the home of our trainer and is deeply immersed into a new daily way of life and training protocols.

  • Drop off time will be arranged for 10 am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

  • You will be expected to follow detailed instructions on arrival to drop off and pick up your dog. These will be provided in email directly to you. This is especially critical for the arrival of an aggressive dog.

  • All paperwork and payment will be completed prior to scheduled drop off time to ensure we have everything needed.

  • Pickup time will be scheduled 10am to 5pm Monday Friday (at The Training Center Only)

  • Your first owner follow-up lesson will be scheduled for your pick up time. No exceptions. Please plan accordingly. Your first lesson will be approximately 90 minutes.

  • Additional information is provided in your training agreement. Please review carefully when registering, including vaccination requirements, meals & medications, collars and ID tags, etc.

  • If your dog is not House Trained, your training program will be customized to address this issue. Noting that House Training may be affected by scheduling, food quality, food allergies, medical issues, maturity, other factors. There is no guarantee that a 100% reliability of house training can be achieved in a 2-3 week training program. You must continue the schedule and protocols at home to create successful new habits. There may be an added fee if your dog is not house-trained before arrival.

    • There are no guarantees of house training during your dog's stay with us. It takes weeks of consistency.

  • Meals & Medications: you must provide food in separate zippy bags portioned out for each meal. If medications or supplements are necessary, you must also provide those as well. Not sure about the quality of your food -- visit We may politely request you change food brands.

  • Group Distraction Class is included with all Board and Train Dog Training Programs. They are typically held weekly Spring, Summer and Fall weather permitting. And on an occasional basis in Winter, based on weather conditions. No classes are held between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Behavior Modification Program Continuity and Future Success: For dogs in the Behavior Modification Programs, this new way of life is not optional. These programs require attendance of a specified number of owner follow-up lessons after the Board & Train Programs. If we feel that the owner is fully committed to training and is still having difficulty, we will work with you to develop a follow-up program that may include additional lessons provided by us.

You and your dog may continue Group Distraction Proofing to practice skills he has learned. You are responsible to notify us in advance of attendance, especially if it has been several months since you participated. You are also required to disclose any change in behavior your dog may have developed since completing his training. In some cases, a training tune-up may be necessary before joining the Group Distraction. Details for GDP are on Facebook each week.

Why is there are added fee for Separation Anxiety?  Anxiety is hard on everyone.  The first several days take 24 hour supervision.  Sleepless nights, an inability to leave the house, and often added clean-up from a stressed out dog.  The time necessary for us to invest in resolution for your dog's behavior is significantly increased...  But the results are worth it.


You will be asked to complete a registration training agreement and evaluation questionnaire for all dog training programs. This agreement holds terms of your schedule, follow-up lessons, etc.  Please complete the form completely and honestly. Our ability to help your dog depends on full disclosure of their behavior. You must disclose if there is a snapping, nipping, air bite or other bite history and all signs of aggression. Your answers and feedback will help us develop the best dog training program. The K9 Coach will recommend the best training plan and training tools for your dog based on their current behavior, your goals, physical capabilities and timeline.


  • No one wants your dog to be successful more than the trainers at The K9 Coach. We want you to enjoy your dog, keep everyone safe and keep him/her in his home.

  • A guarantee for a dog's performance requires as much of a guarantee from the owner that they will be committed and consistent to the training program after training is completed. We are committed to providing the expertise and training methods necessary to teach you and your dog training commands, expectations and boundaries. Due to the many variables involved to create a well-behaved, balanced dog, including owner commitment, consistency, and follow-through, it would be unethical for us to offer a 100% guarantee. However, we only choose the most dedicated and diligent owners so, in our experience, no matter how severe the issues, we consistently see breakthrough results and amazing transformations.

  • We have never come across a dog we could not help. We work hand in hand as a team in your dog’s rehabilitation. This process of teamwork and collaboration begins before we even meet your dog, moves through the training process, and continues long after your dog has gone home. Once you hire us, we consider you part of The K9 Coach family, and your success is our utmost priority. If you are committed to your homework, participate actively in the go-home lesson requirements, and stay in touch with us, we'll remain committed to email, phone, video support for the life of your dog. Where deemed necessary, we will invite you to a tune-up lessons, held at the K9 Coach Training Center to further assist you.

  • It's your job to create consistency and incorporate the skills we have taught you as a daily way of life after classes conclude.

  • Based on your goals and your dog's behavior, we may make a recommendation for a training tool (prong collar, e-collar). Though optional for any owner to agree to, it may be the most effective way to achieve the desired outcome.If you have completed the contracted program and demonstrated in earnest your commitment to practicing with your dog, such that your own skills are consistent and effective upon demonstration with your dog, we will gladly offer any telephone, email support , or follow-up lessons at our training center to refine the skills and behavior addressed in your program.

    • Please note that the changes may be yours to make in your own skills and behavior.

  • Graduates of any of our Obedience and Behavior Mod program can attend One (1) of our group classes at no added cost for up to 1 year after completion of your class. Great for a tune-up

  • We will ensure that you are satisfied with our customer service efforts, knowledge and professionalism. Graduates may receive a discount on workshops.

  • New skills and new behavioral issues will require a purchase of additional lessons.

  • I have tried other trainers before and didn’t get the results I desired – what makes your program and approach different and more effective?We’re often the last stop (quickly becoming the first and only stop) after clients have been through multiple trainers. Unlike other training approaches that only focus on developing rehearsed behaviors, bribing with treats, or merely managing/bandaid-ing the problem, we have developed a unique approach that fundamentally changes the dog’s state of mind. Once we address the dog’s state of mind, the sky’s the limit for what we can create. By cultivating new habits, teaching the dog to make better choices, training calmness instead of excitability, and employing our unique duration work, we are consistently successful with dogs that others are unable to help. This will be the last dog training you will ever need.


Will You House-Train Our Dog?

  • No, we do not offer a program that is only for house-training. Please see Free Guide online.

  • If your adult dog is not house-trained during our board and train program, we will work on scheduling, structure, and obedience as a means to create improvements in this area. It's up to the family to sustain this new routine at home to proof the behaviors long-term.

What Vaccinations are Required?

A copy of vet records will be required before your dog can be admitted to class, including private sessions. Your dog must be currently vaccinated against the following:

  • Distempter-Hepatitis-Parainfluenza-Parvo Combination vaccine (titers accepted)

  • Rabies vaccine (Laws for NC require vaccine every 3 years)

  • A negative fecal parasite test within six months.

  • Bordetella Vaccine - (optional, but if your dog presents with KC, you will be responsible for treatment of all affected dogs)

  • You must have had a HW test within 1 year. If your dog is positive HW, we must have written approval from your veterinarian to proceed with boarding and training.

Boarding: Pets found with fleas, worms or other parasites (or evidence of fleas) upon check-in will be treated upon admission at your cost.

Boarding: Canine Influenza vaccine (optional if your dog is healthy, nutritionally sound, etc.   Please discuss)



  • We strongly recommend a martingale that may be adjusted to prevent slipping out of the collar during training should they become stressed and try to flee. These collars are also effective for a gentle correction and are recommended for all training classes. They will be required for board and train or all day-camp programs. Belt buckle style collars are approved but not preferred. Plastic clip collars will not be approved.

  • We also require that your dog have an ID tag with owner's name and phone number for any boarding program. We strongly recommend that they are micro-chipped prior to any class but especially for your board and train program or any transport. We will provide a tag with our contact information on it for his stay with us.

  • All dogs must be leashed with a sturdy slip-lead or leather 4-6 feet leash for arrival to all classes . No flexible/retractable leashes will be permitted.

  • We may also recommend other training equipment if necessary based on the unique needs of each individual dog and owner/handler.

  • What training tools are in your tool box? This is a question that we’re often asked. Beyond kibble, toys, and other rewards that motivate your dog, we will also use energy, spatial pressure body language, slip leads, prong collars, remote collars and a handy tool called a Pet Convincer. These are the tools we consistently turn to when successfully training dogs of all breeds, ages and issues.

  • Why do you use prong collars? We use prong collars because we find them to be the best tool for connecting, communicating, and creating a harmonious relationship with the least amount of physical stress to the dog and owner. Most tools tend to only mask or manage the behavior, while the prong collar allows us to actually break through and effortlessly communicate, creating a vastly different state of mind and a highly responsive dog. While prong collars tend to look horrible, when used correctly, they have been proven to be the least physically taxing, most humane and one of the safest tools available.




  • All clients of the K9 Coach Private Training & Board and train programs are eligible for an initial consultation on K9 Wellness

  • You have the option to include in your packge offering Young Living Premium Starter Kit. If you are already a member of Young Living Please let me know, we cannot order a 2nd kit in an existing name, but you may gift it to someone else. No reduction in price will be offered for existing members. But you are eligible still receive support for you dog's wellness through our FB groups.

  • Your wellness support will continue as long as you are an active member of Young Living (separate information provided when your account is setup)