It's never been just training

It's never been just training

Whole Dog Wellness

For years, I have discussed that training the dog is less about obedience and more about leadership.   What I've come to learn is that our leadership is really all about energy and how we communicate.  Energy is everything.

It became an area of fascination to me, as I explored some very difficult cases with aggression and behavior.  Issues so deep that training alone isn't enough.

This has lead me to understand far deeper than ever before how nutrition plays a role in behavior.  And I have literally seen a modified diet change a dog's behavior in less than a week.   Let me consult with you on things you may not have considered that 

I also used a number of so-called natural substances to support anxiety.  I've evolved well beyond that and now know that the quality of products we use is of the utmost importance - -because too many vendors are really just prioritizing profits.

I've moved to essential oils and essential oil-based products almost exclusively.  

If your dog is struggling with anxiety, aggression, or other behavioral issues, we will consult with you where changes to your dog's diet and emotional & physical supportive care may be necessary to achieve a more complete solution.

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