Opposition Reflex | Why Your Dog Pulls On His Leash

Did you know:  Opposition Reflex means, your dog is hard-wired, instinctually driven to pull against you when there is pressure on the leash around his neck or chest?  When your dog feels threatened and pulled towards danger by his neck, shoulders or check, his instincts tell him to pull away.  Therefore, When ever pressure is applied to these parts of your dog’s body, a chemical reaction is engaged.

Opposition reflex actually gives your dog a signal to pull even more against the leash or collar, even though he’s choking himself.

Work on having your dog stop pulling on his leash begins with properly fitted collars.   Yes, we said collars.

What does a harness do?

First, they wrap around your dog's chest.  Secondly, it gives your dog an ability to put all of his weight into pulling  sled.  Or pulling you.

Where does an improperly fitted collar sit?

Low at the shoulders.  Engaging both his chest and neck.   When he pulls it gaps at the back and puts all the pressure directly on his trachea.

Where should a Collar Be Placed?

High behind the ears and under the jaw.  It shouldn’t be jewelry hanging low on your dog.  This seems erroneous to most people, but it’s the safest place to give you the best control and without having any pressure on your dog’s trachea.

You may be surprised to find that one of the most effect (and highly misunderstood) training tools is a prong collar. Stay tuned for me to show you how to use it.

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