Puppy Training Reinforcement

Puppy Training Reinforcement

Puppy Training Reinforcement suggests, what you pet you get.
What you feed you breed.

Reward what you want to see more of.

It's all true. Especially in Puppy Training.   But it's only part of the equation in adult dogs. For  your adorable little puppy,  we are building the foundation and enhancing their learning, so training with lots of positive reinforcement is a good thing.  Keep in mind, you're raising a dog. Not a puppy.

Puppy development starts at birth! There are neonatal techniques that the breeder (reputable) should be doing to get puppies off to the best possible start. And from 8 weeks to maturity -- there is guidance to do at every age!

Teaching your puppy what you want is the absolute best thing you can do for his adult life. And your enjoyment.

Do not short step this puppy developmental phase (8 weeks to about 6 months). Spend a little time every single day teaching, bonding, and showing him what you want.

Be careful not to inadvertently reward the things you don't want.


He puts his little paws up on your knees -- and you pet him or pick him up. You just rewarded him! Even pushing him down with your hands could be seen as attention in his eyes.

He barks to play. Shoves your hand. Gets louder and more persistent. And you finally give in. You just rewarded his demands.

He nips the kids hands or your own during play and you keep playing. You may even give him his favorite squeaky toy. You just rewarded him! Or the kids squeal and wave their hands -- to the dog, that's play!

He is excited to see you when you get home and is dancing in his crate with glee. You open the door. You just rewarded his excitable state of mind.

He pulls on his leash and you keep letting him lead...

You get the idea. It all starts with the puppy!

So yes, by all means reward him well for a job well done and behaviors you like. But balance that with knowing what to do to teach him how to be calm, take treats nicely, not jump, not nip, etc. It's not hard. I promise. It may not be fast, but it's doable! You can do this. We'll help.

Get proactive -- not frustrated. He's a puppy. He's learning. So are you. Let us help you learn the right way. Check out our blog, Youtube, or give us a call.

puppyDana Brigman