Nutrition and wellness

As a trainer, solving the behavioral challenges is such an important part of what I do. It’s the thing that allows dogs to stay in their homes and to live fuller healthier lives. So, as I started to see issues becoming more and more common I started looking for better answers. This didn’t mean just more training, it meant more “whole-dog” solutions. This led me down a path of deep learning in nutrition and wellness for our dogs. All of my training programs now include education and guidance on how these key areas of health can affect behavior and longevity of our beloved pets.



The food you feed your dog has a direct result on his well being -- and his behavior.  Not only have I seen some amazing results in my personal dogs, I have seen behavioral issues significantly improved just by changing the quality of food or protein source and adding fresh real foods for my client dogs. Now, I'm able to help guide you to make better food choices for puppies, aging dogs & all life stages, including the unwell pet who may need a bit of added care to their diet. 


Well-Fed K9 Online Training

Are you thinking about moving to a home-prepared food option? Wondering what you can add to your dog’s food bowl to improve the nutritional value?

There are many things you can do that won’t break the back.

Take a look here at these helpful tips for those of you looking to get started on better feeding options.

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Volhard Dog Nutrition

My recommended option for RAW Dog food. Easy, Convenient, Well-Balanced for the Well-fed dog.

Dehydrated whole food base mix to which you add fresh raw (or lightly cooked) protein sources daily.

Raw-Fed Dogs Live Longer with better overall health..

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