The Energy of Dog Training  -- Online

Work on your own schedule in your PJs if you want.   But you will need to spend some time with the dog.   

You need this workshop -- and you know it.   We're going to make it easy for you to finally get the support you need.
Now is the time to start making the changes and end the nonsense or struggle.


The Energy of Dog Training Workshop  -- The Fundamentals of Leadership & Training

  • We'll cover the fundamentals of how obedience needs to be incorporated into every day life -- not just training time.

    • You'll have some homework required to get through all the modules. I'll review your videos as you work on your obedience skills & share talking points with you.

  • How dog's Learn. How you should teach? And why this dog may be different!

  • Learn how your energy influences your dog. And what can you do to move your dog forward.

  • Structure & Leadership

  • How does Nutrition & Food affect behavior?

  • Learn the typical mistakes people make in training and how to correct them

  • Game Play -- why it matters & the rules

  • Embracing your dog's instincts / why exercise (walking & play time) alone isn't enough.

  • We have a new Puppy -- Now what?

  • We adopted a New dog -- Now what?

  • (Do NOT include FB Access)

Problem Solving

  • Putting the basics into practice and every day life to basic issues

  • Proofing & Advancing the skills

    • Duration, Distance & Distraction

    • Can you go Off Leash?

  • Separation Anxiety / Isolation Distress

    • Stranger Danger/Fear,

    • Leash Reactivity

    • Mild to Moderate Resource Guarding,

    • Thunder/Firework phobias,

    • Anxiety

    • Baby Prep

  • Primary Bite Prevention & Safety Protocols

  • Learn more about relaxation techniques, therapeutic touch, and essential oils and other holistic approaches to better behavior and overcoming difficult behaviors

  • Includes FB Access

 Ecollar:   Effective us of Low Level Ecollars

If you're going to use one -- let me show you the best way to use low level-ecollar training and incorporate it into problem solving without be overly harsh and punitive to the dog.     It's actually far more effective and far less intimidating that you think -- and probably less physical to the dog than what you're doing today.  This includes our talking point on going off-leash and using the tools for problem solving.

Baby Prep, Kids & K9s

Don't wait until the baby arrives to begin your preparation for a new baby.  

Puppy Raising

Everything you need to know about raising a puppy.   Appropriate for puppies 8 weeks to 20 weeks old.  Includes all the nonsense:  nipping, jumping, digging, barking, etc.   We'll guide you on crate training, house training, socialization, and so much more.   


Let's Talk Aggression

  • Your dog is showing signs of aggression -- now what?

  • Let's look under the hood for the root cause

  • Muzzle Conditioning

  • Living A Life With An Aggressive Dog

  • Advanced safety protocols

For Dogs with Aggressive Behavior including Dog To Dog Aggression or Human Biting -- we will customize Private In-Person or Board and Train Programs to be paired with online training and video review.   Online Training is NOT a substitute for in-person assessments and training.   It is not a guarantee of resolution to aggressive behavior.

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