Private Phone Consultation training


Remote Phone Consultations:  $75 per hour

1 hour minimum then 1/2 hour increments available at $25 per 1/2 hour.

Sometimes, you just need someone to provide you with techniques that will help you solve the problem.  A remote consultation may be the help you need to get started on the problem without the hassle of traveling.  We will give you a very specific action plan to implement at home.  

Remote dog training is a good option for clients willing to put in some work on the action plan.  You will need to do some video watching, blog reading, and daily homework to get the results you desire.  

Your personalized dog training program will include a 1 hour phone call with video reviews & email (or phone call) to follow-up within 2 weeks of your consult.  Additional lessons or consult time are available by phone or video to ensure you're making the needed progress! This may include sending us videos or emails to review so that we can refine your action plan.  You won't be going through this alone.  The K9 Coach is here to help through the process!

Don't worry, I'm really good at the phone consultation!


Your first hour of consultation may be waived when you join our essential oils program.   Ask me for details.