Private Consultation

PRIVATE CONSULTATION  (in Person Consultation)

In-Person Private Consultation - $250

Consultations are held at the K9 Coach or within the local areas considered:  Pinehurst, Rockingham or Myrtle Beach.   Travel outside these areas will be subject to a travel fee based on travel time.   Travel options include Charlotte, Wilmington, Raleigh)

Sometimes, you just need someone to sit down with you for an in-home consultation and talk about the problem, dig further into the problem to identify things you may not have considered that are factors in the behavior.   This might include your own leadership style, nutrition & wellness issues, appropriate exercise and mental stimulation for your dog, etc.  

Sometimes, you just need someone to demonstrate with your dog, techniques that will help you solve the problem.

An in-home consultation in your home can be the help you need to get started on the problem.   We will give you a very specific action plan to implement at home.   This session is quite comprehensive.

Its a good option for clients willing to put in some hard work on the action plan.   You'll need to do some video watching, blog reading, and daily homework.   

During your consultation we also dig into a wellness overview for your dog.   You may be surprised to find out how nutrition and other factors contribute to behavior.  

These sessions cover a lot of information!  And we don't want you to feel like when we walk out you're wondering what to do next or what to do if things need to be tweaked!  Therefore,

Your program will also include

  • One (1)  30-minute phone call  to follow-up within 2  weeks of your consult. You are responsible to schedule your follow-up.

  • Shared content for review of your lesson notes & talking points

  • The program may include sending us videos to review and refine the action plan.

  • A discussion on Nutrition and Wellness Review


Prefer a phone consultation?   I'm really good at that.  I can help you understand the issue, where you need to focus your energy & help you establish an action plan with follow-up that can include video review.   Learn More:    Phone Consultation