Service Dog Training

Our service dog training is customized for each dog.  Our goal with this program is foundational obedience and Public Access Preparation.    

We require an in-person evaluation for your dog before being accepted into this program.

You have two options for training:

Minimum 8 weekly lessons - starting at $799

Minimum 3  weeks of board -- starting at $2500*

This program includes:

•Our Leadership Training Method.
•To walk nicely on a leash
•Go to place and calmly stay there.
•Sit on command.
•Down on command.
•Come when called.
•Wait at doorways and thresholds.
•Your dog will have dog/dog socialization my personal dogs to work on proper social skills with other dogs.
•Custom essential oil therapy and profile.
•Your dog will begin public access training.

•24 hour a day personal training with your dog & household integration
•Personal training session with you and your dog at pick up 2 hours
•30-day Training Program to continue your dog’s board & train upon completion
•Two months of unlimited follow up by email, phone and/or video

You will be tested for Public Access Two Weeks after your dog returns home. 

*During your dog's stay with us for Service Dog Training he will be the ONLY dog in our program so that we can fully integrate him/her into our home and everyday life as well as include him in outings to build the foundation for public access training.      (effective March 1, 2017)