Nothing makes us happier than achieving great results for our clients.  When they take the time to give us feedback, we listen and take action!  We are extremely committed to your success and want each of you to have great experiences to share, too!

Tonight we did our first “singles” class on leash pulling. I was blown away! I’ve struggled walking our strong boy for 5 months. We’ve tried 3 different types of collars. After basic instructions were given and a recommendation of a different collar I was in control of the walk in less than 1 minute! I nearly cried. Can’t wait until next week’s singles class. Our first experience was amazing!
— Elizabeth C.
Our 6 year old lab, Dooley Dog, has always been overly, overly excitable and uncontrollable around our friends and vet. We brought him to the K9 Coach for group lessons and have been attending the group distraction proofing classes. It’s amazing how different he is - and I am too - I took him to the vet and he sat calmly and quietly while the vet and I had a conversation. He said he would have never imagined that Dooley could be this well behaved. Thanks Dana! Because of you we aren’t embarrassed of our dog in public!
— Lisa
A big thank you to Dana and Kassie for assisting us with Lilly!!! When we found out our next new home would be in Luxembourg we needed to have Lilly ready to rome the market place on Saturday mornings, sip coffee or tea on Tuesday at the Cafe without barking, sniffing or jumping on others. Dogs even go into clothes stores and restaurants here. Well we spent one month twice a week with Dana, Kassie and their dogs.
First, Dana came to the home to work one on one mainly with me. It is amazing when I am confident Lilly is also confident. Basic commands, sit, down, place, WOW can not say enough about place. Our best friend.
Next we started wondering off to the parks for distraction work, that went well then off to Starbucks. My favorite place. We are now in Luxembourg and Lilly is amazing. She walks to school with the kids every morning and goes to pick them up every afternoon. We have been to the cafe for coffee. Again “place” our favorite command.
Next week will head to the Market downtown.
Again, thank you for helping us to help Lilly become an amazing part of our family in Luxembourg!!!
— The Blake Family
I wish there were a way to give Dana at the K9 Coach an A+++! I currently own a Great Dane and Golden Retriever who absolutely love their board & train weeks with Dana. My Dane is a rescue who has had issues with new people since the day I got him. I allowed him to get too over-protective without realizing what I was doing, and before we knew it, even going potty was a tense part of our day. Dana has been able to work with him around new people, in the public, and at home to help both of us feel more at ease when people are approaching. She has also always been a phone call or email away when I have any questions or issues about what I should do in a certain situation. When we go on vacation, Dana has provided us a place for our dogs to stay where we know they will not only be happy and safe, but they will be learning every day. We cannot thank her enough for the sense of peace and calm we can have while away knowing that they are in GREAT hands! Thank you so much K9 Coach Dana!!
— Madalyn B.
We are the owners of the white German Shepherd, Mozzie. We started training with The K9 Coach when she was just 15 weeks. Let’s just say The K9 Coach has brought out the best in this smart cookie! Dana works one on one with you and your pet to make you the best pet owner you can be. She genuinely cares for you and your pet. Mozzie is now 5 months old and an Ace! The K9 Coach is the best in town!
— Britt F.
The K-9 Coach provided training to help build the confidence and knowledge of not only the dog, but the owner as well. We enrolled in a series of classes....from puppy pre-school to group obedience to off leash training.

I really love working with Dana Brigman, The K-9 Coach. About 2 1/2 years ago, my family and I brought home our first Great Dane puppy. I had no idea how to handle such a big dog. I enrolled Atlas into the group obedience class and WE have learned so much more than just the “basics”. Dana is very patient with not only the dog, but the owner who usually has more to learn! Atlas and I always get comments from other people on how well behaved he is. Now he is currently working on off leash training and doing great! Thank you K-9 Coach!
— Kassie P.
I am pleased to say that things are going great actually! We continue to work on skills on a daily basis. Parker has come a long way and is much better with impulse control. We have not had any more incidents between Parker and Roxy and our house is definitely more structured. Parker is actually very fond of Roxy now. She’s not as fond of him but she tolerates him.

We did make the change that both dogs now sleep in their kennels at night. We found that allowing her to sleep in our bed seemed to give her a sense of entitlement. Now that she sleeps in her own bed, she is not as dominant and overbearing.
— Erica