AM / PM Diet

This food option is more customized and is a good choice small dogs, unwell dogs and the aging senior. It’s it required for these dogs — not always — but there are some benefits.

AM/PM separates out protein delivery to having meat only 1 time per day. And it separates out carbohydrates (yes they are in there) from the meats. Protein and Veggies/Carbs are digested differently within the body at different rates of speed. They will get yogurt and veggies at one meal and meat at the second meal. This helps the digestive system function more efficiently (less work) for these dogs with special needs.

It also also you to control your veggie choice with a lot more precision. This allows you to use seasonal veggies from the farmer’s market which are fresher and often cheaper. You can rotate veggies with the season — that follows beautifully with 5 Element Theory.

If your dog is determined to have some unique needs to accommodate 5 Element Theory or address some specific issue you have much more control of what’s in the bowl.

You can give PM meal in the mornings if you prefer — some do this because the dog is more active during the day and needs more protein to get through these activities.

What you should NEVER do is give only PM or only AM as your meal. You will be missing key nutritional requirements.

Yes, it’s a bit more labor intensive than NDF2 for preparing the veggies — but it’s totally doable in bulk. Just Roast or steam your veggies, whir them in the food processor and bring them out as you need to mix them in. It’s really not that difficult or time consuming.

You can do this!

Dana Brigman