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As an affiliate for Volhard, my goal is to help you learn to help your dog and customize the food as you need to.

Check in with me when you start your food if you have any questions. You can call or email. But I encourage everyone to setup an appointment time. I’ll have you complete a wellness review form for your dog(s) and then we’ll walk through that together to offer educational guidance and areas you might want to research further.

I also want you to check in about every 2 weeks for at least the first 8 weeks to let me know how things are going! Some of you will see a dog go through a detox period, some of you may feel like your dog doesn’t love the food and we can talk about light cooking, etc.

If you encounter future health issues, let’s chat about them. Of course you are always your dog’s best advocate and decision maker — but I’d like to know what you’re dealing with and I may be able to offer you some options whether the are nutritional, essential oils, homeopathy, etc.

If you encounter future behavioral issues — you may be surprised to find that nutritional issues can be a contributing factor. This is the very reason I began my journey into animal wellness! I was looking for answers to behavioral issues in my training business and found them in nutrition, essential oils and homeopathy. Sometimes is as much about what you eliminate as what you change or add.

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  • Office hours are Monday through Friday 10am - 5pm Friday. All others time are by appointment only.

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