Do I Need Supplements on NDF2 or AM/PM


Most of the time the answer to that question is no for additional vitamins, minerals, probiotics or digestive enzymes when we feed Volhard products as suggested. . Most of what we need in terms of digestive enzymes, probiotics and vitamins and minerals are already included in your mix and fresh raw meat. So the large majority of folks find it be to all they need.

Where we may find a need to supplement NDF and AM/PM includes:

  • Senior Citizens who are having more difficulty with digestive enzymes and nutrient absorption. (The same issue is true for you!)

  • Unwell pets who may have some underlying issue that inhibits their vitamin and mineral absorption or processing.

  • Recovery from illness, injury, or surgery may lead us to want to support the body at a time when it is depleted or working extra hard.

  • Life stages that include growth and development, reproduction, etc

  • Boosting Vitamin B in the summer to further aid in Flea and Tick deterrents.

  • Joint Supplements — I suggest this for most every dog that has reached maturity, especially dogs that are prone to hip and joint issues.

It’s potentially as hazardous to your dog’s health to provide excess vitamins and minerals as it is to deplete them. Sometimes overdoing one area will cause another area to struggle. So before you start adding supplementation — be sure you know why you need it and what you’re looking for in results or risks.

It’s important for you to have base line blood work for your dog, and to monitor bloodwork each year, especially with our senior dogs or our unwell pets. Sometimes we will want to have blood work done more often. Not only are you looking for things to be in normal range, I encourage you to keep copies of your blood work and compare them, looking for trends within range at each testing period. It could give you an early indicator or a health issue.

Volhard has a few great supplements to choose from. I use many other supplements based on individual need (including my own) from Young Living.

Dana Brigman