Transition Instructions

You have a few choices to successfully transition your dog to Volhard.

  1. Some of you will have been instructed to do a Cleansing Diet for a 3 week period prior to beginining the Volhard foods. Once you have completed the cleanse diet, you can easily just begin feeding Volhard as the complete meal for your pet.

  2. If you are coming off of a kibble-based diet, most of you will want to take a slow 10-day transition.

    1. Days 1-3 feed 1/4 of new food and 3/4 of old food

    2. Days 4-6 feed 1/2 of new food and 1/2 of old food

    3. Days 6-9 feed 3/4 of new food and 1/4 of old food

    4. Day 10 make a full transition to only Volhard food

  3. Depending on the dog’s current health (i.e generally good health with no major issues), we sometimes do a Fast Start transition.

    1. Skip one full meal — fasting.

    2. 2 meals of Whole Fat Yogurt with a little Fresh Raw Honey

      1. amount depends on the size of your dog

      2. consider about 3/4 cup yogurt and 1 tbsl of honey for a 50# dog

    3. The 4th meal is fully transitioned to the new food

The issue we’re trying to address here is tummy upset as the food is transitioned to something is far more nutrient rich that previously provided.

If often use a little bit of Young Living Digize Essential Oil during the transition phase as well. Digize is a blend of 8 different essential oils targeted at digestive health.

Your Living also offers Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics that may be beneficial for your dog.

If you have a dog with a health concern — be sure to check in with me before you begin.

Dana Brigman