Behavior and Food

It’s amazing to me how tightly related these topics really are. This notion was actually introduced to me with my work with essential oils as it discussed aggression and anxiety with 5 Element Theory.

Foods can be selected to help support the systems of the body, that of course includes the liver and kidneys. Yes, food can help with all systems of the body and surprisingly, many of the “quirks” or “issues” you experience with your dog, or even the time of day, season of the year that they occur can be clues to what’s going on. It’s fascinating.

I have seen some behavioral issues resolved by food change alone. I have seen many cases food and essential oils have helped achieve significant more sustainable results for many dogs.

If you have a behavioral issues of anxiety or aggression — or any quirky things that may seem out in left field — let’s talk about this. You might be surprised at things we can consider. Just keep it in mind for the future.

If it becomes a training protocol that we need to work on — the beauty is that I can help you bring these pieces together. Training may be an added fee, where lessons or programs may be concerned.

Dana Brigman