Flea and Tick

I and many other have been able to offset the need for Flea and Tick products as a result of using high quality raw food with the right vitamins and minerals.

In short, one of the key contributing factors is having good Vitamin B complex. Vitamin B is expelled through the skin and fleas and ticks don’e like it.

When I first converted to Volhard, I was a bit skeptical. No one wants a flea and tick infestation. So that first summer, I used an essential oil spray a few times a week as a peace of mind for me.

If we’re doing a hike in the woods, I may do an essential oil spray as an added boost for the outing, but typically I don’t need to use anything at all.


If you are still using topical or oral flea and tick products, I beg you to stop. Today. Right now, even the FDA is issuing warnings against many of them. In short, they are neurotoxins that course through your dog’s blood stream waiting on fleas and ticks to bite them. Think about what neurotoxins do. The Flea and Tick meds are just intended to not be a dosage high enough to “kill” your dog.

However, there are frequent complications including death for many dogs. It’s heart-breaking. In some cases we see seizures immediately upon application, and sometimes for years to come after applications. When we talk about behavior and nutrition / essential oils — the liver has to process this stuff. And chemical load compounds over time, until the liver struggles or cannot do it job well. The body will try to do it’s job until the load is to big of a burden to bear and we started to see premature aging, disease, cancer, or early death.

The notion that lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, reaction at the application site should set off warning bells for all of us. There was a time I just accepted side affects as “acceptable”. I’ll never do that again.

Note: this only references natural solutions for Flea and Tick. I still recommend preventatives for Heartworm. There are some options that are ore affordable, some natural solutions and some modified schedules I can share with you as you made the decision that is right for your pet.

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Dana Brigman