Lightly Cooking Your Protein and Veggies

Some of your dogs will not eat food raw. For some it may just be during an initial transition until they are healthier. For others, it may be preference or easier on their digestive system.

If we have a dog who has been on kibble, dx with cancer, and trying to transition to raw, a light cook may be appropriate for digestive / bacteria related issues. Most dogs will tolerate the typical bacteria of Raw Meaty Bones and uncooked meat products with no issues. But if it’s a concern, a light cook is ok.

We also typically lightly cook fresh / frozen fish as well.

Lightly cooked means a steam, blanch, or saute lightly. The more you cook anything, the more nutrition is cooked out and possible carcinogens will be present. So as little cooking as possible.

Remember with your veggies when you use them for AM/PM, or even if you’re adding just a few to the bowl for a variety or 5 Element Theory — you’ll also want to run them through the food processor a time or two, or chop finely. The moisture and the chopping will help start the digestive process, mimicking eating vegetation from within the belly of prey.

Many people will include roasted veggies for their dog instead of steamed or sauteed. That’s fine. Just remember less cooking is typically a better option.

Dana Brigman