Refrigerate your product after opening.

I bought a cereal keeper for the mix. A cereal keep will hold about 5 pounds easily and I use that it my refrigerator to take up less shelf space.

Since I buy the 20# bag size, I just put the remainder in the resealable bag in my freezer. It’s not necessary to store in the freezer, but that’s just where I have the most space. Then I replenish the cereal keeper as it runs out.

Many people will make a big batch of mix and meat to store in the freezer and pull out a portion for a meal or a few days as they need it. Just remember when you pull product out of the freezer you need to get it back to “warm” as most dogs will not want to eat cold foods. Warming the food helps it smell better to the dog and be easier to consume.

Just don’t microwave it — I mean you could unless you subscribe to the theories of trying to minimize as much electro magnetic frequency as possible.

Dana Brigman