Will Your Dog Detox

Maybe. Every dog is different and unique. And every situation is different.

Dogs that have had lots of skin and digestive issues may find that when good stuff goes in, some of the bad stuff comes out. It may show up in the form of a bit of added poop for a while, or we may see things that look like skin allergies for a short time.

I often tell my itchy scratchy clients that allergies might get worse before they get better as the body responds to pushing through the things that it has been responsive too. It shouldn’t last long, and if you’re at all concerned reach out with questions.

For some dogs, we’ll want to evaluate the 5 Element Theory of choosing proteins and veggies/fruits or even snacks. Making these choices can help refine addressing unique needs for success.

For many of the itchy scratchy dogs, we can suggest some supportive care for topicals, supplements, or soaks during the transition phase.

For a small number of dogs, Volhard may not be the right food for them. It’s rare, but it can happen. Sometimes not all ingredients agree with all dogs.

Dana Brigman