Volhard User Support

Are you New to Volhard? Have questions about getting started? Feel free to call me for a Q&A!

As an active user of Volhard Products, I am pleased to offer you support for your nutritional questions and use of the products and supplements.

I encourage you to to schedule your complete wellness review within 2 weeks of getting started with the food products and supplements that may help you optimize your dog’s diet. We’ll take this time to review a complete wellness review and give you additional insight on nutrition, wellness, and achieving your goals.


Note: these services are not intended to replace your veterinary care. You are encouraged to begin any dietary changes with a wellness check-up with your dog including blood work, weight, and overall assessments so that you can monitor your dog’s numbers over time.

You are responsible to validate and research any educational information you receive before you make decisions to implement any changes.

Dana Brigman