Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Each dog is a unique individual with variances in metabolism and activity levels. The guidelines for amount to feed on are just that — guidelines. You may need to adjust up or down a little to find the sweet spot that keeps your dog at the appropriate healthy weight.

If your dog needed to lose weight, you don’t want them to loose it to fast. So as you make adjustments to volume, do so a in small increments at a time. And be sure to keep an eye on the treats you’re giving :-) Weight loss should occur over several weeks and stabilize at optimal weight if you are feeding the the appropriate volume for what your dog SHOULD Weigh.

Some people feel like their dogs are rapidly dropping weight. It’s important that you know the starting weight of your dog, and monitor changes. Focus more on % of weight loss than pounds and having a good understanding of what a healthy range for your dog is.

We generally want to see a waistline curve and the belly be tucked, but we don’t want them have protruding rib and hip bones.

Keeping your dog lean is important to overall health and longevity.

If you feel you are having trouble regulating your dog’s weight, let’s chat and see what may need to happen next. It may be more volume, additional Supplements (Digestive Enzymes for example), or maybe a vet visit.

Dana Brigman