Should I Choose AM/PM or NDF2

I love the convenience and quality of the Volhard Diet. I know that my dogs are getting high end food, all the nutrition they need, benefits of a raw diet I don’t have to source the ingredients, calculate the percentages, or worry about the nutritional details. It’s all be done for me.

NDF2 is a more convenient way to feed. It is a pre-mix of dehydrated ingredients to which you add fresh meat and water for nutritionally balanced meal. Preparation takes just a couple of minutes.

AM/PM is still quite easy to do, but does take little more shopping and weekly prep for your vegetable options. The benefit of this diet is multi-faceted:

  • You get to choose the vegetable options given you even more control your dog’s health needs. We we begin feeding according to 5 Element Theory (TCM) or have a need to customize dietary ingredients for health and behavior concerns this is a good way to go!

  • The distinction of AM / PM means what’s in the bowl at each meal is different. Veggies are given at one meal while animal-protein is given at the other. This helps our senior and un-well animals with digestive support and how, when, and how hard the body’s systems need to work to digest it’s food.

A little weekly prep of the veggies in advance and the feeding of AM/PM daily can be as quick and easy as NDF2.

Prefer to make your meals yourself? Wendy’s book Holistic Guide to Healthy Dog has the complete NDF recipe. It’s how the whole thing got started 30+ years ag.

Dana Brigman