Fireworks and Storms

They are just a few days away. Some of you are already experiencing storms. Both can really make your dog uncomfortable.

You have many choices in essential oils to work on calming, relaxing and grounding.

You need to start using them now though before the fireworks arrive. Associate and imprint the oils with calmness and relaxed state of mind today, and every day for a while.

Get the oils on board before the storms and fireworks start. Reapply! Diffuse!

You can use a bit of sound on your laptop to simulate the noise at a very low volume and gradually increase. Bascially let it play at a low level all day, while you're reading, watching TV, etc -- just let it play and periodically increase the volume including some very short loud bursts of sound.

I like to actually put a worried dog to work -- we play a fun game (especially for the highly food motivated), or we get serious with obedience work (Yes, it's a challenge for everyone). What I don't do is soothe them with voice or petting. And I don't get in the bath tub with them. Teach them coping skills or you'll have more problems for many years

And a quick reminder:
All dogs go out on leash, secured. They wear a properly fitted martingale collar with names & phone numbers on them -- including your mobile # especially if you're travelling. Update your microchip #. -- chip the dog now if they don't have one.

Dogs jump fences, panic and slip collars, bolt out doors, break out windows, etc. I have seen it all. Even a dog that has never shown sensitivity to fireworks can become rattled for the first time.

Let this be the year no one messages me with a lost dog because of storms or fireworks. Take precautions.


Intentions and Thoughts

There are days in which training our dog brings us to tears .

Tears often flow when the reality sets in that your dog has the potential to bite another dog or human. It hurts to the very core of your soul when the being you love shows his animal side.

In most cases, we can teach them better skills and ways to live.

I see tears when we have to give a dog their first real correction to a serious behavior and bad decision. Yes, I’ll give that correction after teaching and conditioning, if it means saving a dog’s life.

I see tears when we use energy work and see a dog move through their anxiety and fear.

I see tears when we use essential oils and see a dog start to wag its tail or bound outside for the first time after an emotional release.

I see tears from parents when they feel relief and confidence and hope for the future.

I often shed them myself in everyone of these cases and most of all for the ones I can’t save.