When folks begin thinking about raw diets — the first thing that comes to mind is raw meat. Even if you aren’t thinking about a complete raw diet, most people will think about adding some type of meat to their dog’s kibble bowl as a way to add something special or fresh to the bowl.

We covered veggies as one of the easy things to add, the benefits to reduce risk of disease — but most of all because it’s easy, inexpensive and doesn’t take much calculating to add in some veggies.

When you start adding in meat — Yep, you gotta do a little math, and keep some things you’re probably never consider in mind.

Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio.
Generally you want somewhere between 1:1 or 2:1

Meat will have phosphorus, but unless you’re throwing in the bone, or some other source of calcium, you’ll the throwing of a nutrient balance that in the long run could create mineral issues / health issues for your dog.

If you’re doing an occasional bite or treat, no big deal. But it’s when you start feeding your dog home prepared or raw diets you must keep this in mind.

An Egg — shell and all — is an easy way to add lots of nutrients to your dog’s bowl on a regular basis and not throw off the Calcium to Phosphorus ratio.

But really — why not give your dog meat and meaty bones!?

Dana Brigman