Does My Dog Need Carbs

All carbs are not created equal.    The big question is does your dog need them.   

Foods high in carbohydrates are not a good option -- for you or the dog.   Especially carbohydrates that are just starch.  But there are some benefits to having nutritional grains in the diet.

It's argued that dogs are carnivores and therefore do not need any plant matter.  Good Carbs become sugar or usable energy.  

Carbs provide glucose.  Energy.  Glucose can cross the blood brain barrier and contribute to behavior  -- stable glucose is a key benefit to behavior stability.

Carbs support healthy brain development. in puppies  Good fiber is needed for proper stool formation and digestive care.

Low carbs and Keto may contribute to a lower thyroid function.   Thyroid glands  need Phenylalanine and Tyrosine to form T3.   T3 is one element needed for normal thyroid function.  

So in addition to good veggies, let's look at a few grains that may be nutrient rich and beneficial for your dog, in the proper amounts.

Oats:   Calms the nervous system.  Support reproductive system.   Support, spleen, pancreas, immune system and heart muscle.   High in silicon for bone strength.   Acidic and non-allergenic.  

Buckwheat is an alkaline seed not a grain.   Cleanses intestine.  Increases appetite.  Bioflavinoid.   Strenthens capillaries and blood vessels.   Support memory health.  

Wheat germ:   High in Vitamin B, E, Calcium, Phosphate and trace minerals.

Wheat bran -- helps remove cholesterol, remove toxins from blood, cleanse large intestine, helps form stool.

Grains contribute to the feeding of prebiotics which will help the diversity of gut microbiome.  

Look for oats certified to have no GMO and are human grade only when preparing a diet.   (You'll find these in Volhard too)

Dana Brigman