Why I Choose Volhard


I don't know any company that does more quality assurance testing or the level of clinical testing on dog's for their entire life-span than Volhard.  

  • VDN products use only human-grade ingredients produced by U.S. growers.

  • Each batch is tested three times during production for bacteria, molds, fungi, salmonella and E. Coli.

  • VDN products have been clinically tested (annual blood, thyroid, urine and fecal analyses) for over 30 years on Wendy Volhard's own dogs, and those of her students. We are not aware of any other dog food that undergoes such continuous and rigorous testing.


We know RAW Diets are the best option for our dogs.  It's the evolutionary appropriate way to feed our dogs and keep them healthy, longer.   With this food my clients and I are seeing overall better health.     We also see significant benefit to dogs with

  • Itchy Scratchy Skin

  • Red, Hot Skin Conditions

  • Ear Health

  • Eye Health

  • Digestive Issues & Gut Health

  • Energy

  • Joint Health

  • Reduction of flea and tick product requirements

  • Fewer Vet Visits

  • Less Product Shopping for things that don't work.


I can't tell you how surprised I was to learn the direct correlation to behavior and nutrition when I began studying nutrition years ago.   It just didn't seem possible.  But it's amazing how true this is.   With the right nutritional make-up for your individual dog, we can influence improvements with aggressive dogs, anxiety, or even dogs that just seem a little out of sync for their age, breed, or natural instincts.


Delivered right to your door.  But it's also easy to prepare daily.   It's a dehydrated mix of all the important whole food sources, and everything you need except Fresh Real Meat added daily.    

More Affordable Than You Think

Rich with non-synthetic vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, pre and pro-biotics,  Omega 3, Omega 6, Diatemaceous Earth, Apply Cider Vinegar. Anitoxidants, and so much more -- you don't need to add a bunch of other supplements for most dogs.  As they age or if we find special circumstances we may need to customize a bit for the individual.

Read more about ingredients here:  https://www.volharddognutrition.com/?rfsn=822816.fb01

Please Choose Me as your affiliate (I'm under North Carolina), and then look at the "COMPANY" tab for ingredient details.

Like most of us -- you will likely be able to eliminate your flea and tick topicals or orals.  You may find you bathe your dog less often, visit the vet less often and you stop the random product purchases hoping you find one that works.  

You will also find that you probably feed less food volume than you do today.  Much of that depends on the metabolism of your dog, but it's not a direct comparison of feeding the same amount of RAW food as you do the amount of kibble.    I feed quite a bit less food overall.

When You Choose Volhard Dog Nutrition with me as you affiliate and make regular purchases to feed your dog, you get me as your personal coach for all things wellness.   This includes an initial Wellness Review by phone, access to a private FB group, and support when you need it to achieve your wellness goals.   

Go Shopping!

Any questions or if you've signed up be sure to send an inquiry for nutrition and I’ll follow-up with you to discuss options and coaching.

Dana Brigman