Digestion Times

Did you know that it takes on average, up to 15 hours for a bowl of kibble to begin digesting in your dog’s belly before it becomes usable energy?

This basically means your dog’s belly is never empty and the digestive system is working 24 hours a day. It’s never off the clock.

When we start learning more about the Circadian clock and how Traditional Chinese Medicine plays into when the systems of the body are working at their peak, this will be an important consideration.

If you have a dog who is having digestive / gut health issues, this should be top of mind in your considerations. We also know that skin health and many other conditions begin with gut health issues.


You can make some improvements in kibble digestion with digestive enzymes and adding in a bit of warm water to your bowl of kibble to help create moisture for the body to use, rather than pulling stores of moisture from the heart, kidney, liver, skin and other organs to begin the digestive process. It’s literally called moisture robbing. So help a dog out 


Raw diets only take about 4 hours.

Which ultimately means your dog’s other internal systems get to do their work more efficiently as well, and the digestive system gets some time off the clock.

Dana Brigman