Digestive Enzymes

Does your dog need them? Probably so.

For the dogs we are converting to whole, fresh real foods, including raw diets, they need digestive enzymes to help their bodies use those foods. You see, as a kibble fed dog, the dog’s body stopped producing the digestive enzymes needed to digest “real” food.

As your dog’s ages he may need to increase digestive enzyme support a bit. And if the digestive system is compromised in other ways, we may need additional support, at least until it gets back on track.

My recommendations are Volhard Dog Nutrition Digestive Enzymes or Essentialzymes or Essentialzymes 4 from YL.

My Recommended Brands:

Volhard: https://www.volharddognutrition.com/?rfsn=822816.fb01
Young Living: https://bit.ly/2NUZstB

Dana Brigman