Is Raw Food Safe To Feed

The dietary choices for our pets is a hotly debated topic. We worry about our dogs like we worry about babies. And for some of us, we put our own dog’s health and wellness above our own. I know my dog’s have been eating better than I have at times.

I follow a number of industry experts who have helped me conclude that there is no better option than feeding a high quality, well-balanced, raw meat diet. Some call it evolutionary appropriate feeding.

Based on where we are today in pet health, and how some dogs have reach the point of unwellness that they are today — some dog’s cannot tolerate full raw. They need a lightly cooked meal.

But for the vast majority — raw has been life improving health issues, longevity, and overall physical and even emotional performance. I’ve seen it time and time and time again – -which is why on this path of teaching today.

Many people ask the question is if feeding raw is safe?

And the short answer is yes. Your dog’s gut is built to be challenged by bacteria and real meat. When we get the gut nutritionally and digestively balanced (enzymes, probiotics, etc) – -then yes it’s safe for your dog. And as for you — it’s no different than a need to wash your hands after handling raw chicken.

The next consideration is safety is the balance of nutrients.

Some feed the prey model raw — that’s fur, feathers, and whole animal sources. They argue that in a true “wild” environment this is how your dog would eat vs picking berries and veggies.

Next would be those who do a meat and veggie/fruit balanced bowl. They source meat from hunting or butchers and do a lot of math to calculate nutrient balance over the week, adding in supplements as needed.

And then my preferred the dehydrated everything you need but the meat. Volhard Dog Nutrition is my preference because I don’t love sourcing and calculating. I trust the quality, the testing, the research and completeness of the base product.

There are other options for frozen, freeze-dried or dehydrated raw, in which do NOT add any fresh meat or veggies.

Then there are those like Honest Kitchen which is freeze-dried and you add meat (similar to Volhard). I did a lot of research and even tried a few when I started my shift to raw. I didn’t love these. In fact, on HK I wound up having to increase the amount of food Poppy was eating beyond their suggested amount because she started losing weight on the plan. I had thought with free chewy shipping (before I boycotted chewy) that I’d come out ahead from Volhard. I didn’t — their package is a smaller box, I had to feed more, etc — and doing the math cup for cup, Volhard one — not to mention the quality I trusted, offset of other products already built into Volhard, et.

Be careful some of the frozen tubes — are just canned food in a new package, which isn’t really raw at all.

When you do your comparison — evaluate quality, ingredients, testing history, price, the company history, and other aspects of the food.

Dana Brigman