Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals

What may have gone in as a real vitamin or mineral in the dog food ingredients were processed out during the intense cooking and manufacturing process.   So they have to add vitamins and minerals back in to meet MINIMUM requirements.

It's important for you to know that many supplements added to your back of dry kibble will be synthetic.   This may also be true of most vitamins and minerals you buy from the local retailers.   In many cases, most of what is going in, is coming right out the other end.    You may be wasting your money, and you are probably not giving your dog much needed vitamins and minerals, even though you have good intentions.

These issues could lead you to a dog that is deficient in key vitamins and minerals.   Deficiencies could lead to dis-ease in the body over time.

Choosing supplements shouldn't be done willy-nilly.  It shouldn't be a try this maybe that approach.   Truly evaluate what you need and start to learn where your dog is getting the necessary vitamins and minerals and what they do!

Whole food sources are definitely your best option.   But when we face challenges we want the best supplements we can find -- knowing that what we are choosing is safe for the dog.   

Get testing done with your veterinarian for some baseline information    Not only should you look to see if your dog is with in range, but where in the range are they.    Then, year over year compare where they they are in the range, and look for any significant swings in placement -- even if they are staying within range.   

 Knowing your dog, allows you to be his best health advocate when meeting with your vet.

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Dana Brigman