Titer Your Dog Wherever possible

Vaccines Awareness

Oh, my goodness is this a controversial topic?   But there are some simple things to consider, that are being driven by the top names in the veterinary field. 

Give as few vaccines as possible!   No one is anti-vaccine!  Every should be against over-vaccinating when the dog does not need it.

Diseases like Parvo and Distemper are preventable, and you dog does need to be vaccinated as a young puppy.  But it’s possible they will NEVER need to be vaccinated again once the appropriate initial round(s) are given.  A titer test will give you that answer.

Parvo Distemper Shots:

·         Puppies should not be vaccinated for Distemper and Parvo at the same time as Rabies?  You should separate out the Rabies shot at least 2 weeks after Distemper & Parvo?

·         Many combination shots for Parvo & Distemper also include a shot for Adenovirus.   You may see it called DHpp.    When Adenovirus is given at the same time as Parvo, Distemper it will suppress the immune system for about 10 days…. This can be especially troublesome for puppies in the 6-8-week range as they transitioning to new home.

·         All vaccines are modified live vaccines – there no longer killed vaccines being use.   No puppy under 6 weeks of age should be given a modified live vaccine, including Parvo.   Wait for a single dose at 9-10 weeks and a next dose at 14-16 weeks.    (General guidance for healthy puppies from healthy mamas)

·         Giving modified live vaccines under 6 weeks of age can cause post vaccinal encephalitis and seizures.  The drug was never intended for puppies under 6 weeks of age.  Many communities are dosing as early as 4 weeks.

·         Titer your dogs in the future before revaccinating.  Many will never need another booster.   Your vet may argue with you – demand the titers.  


·         You must specify that you want mercury-free Rabies (or other) vaccines.   It is not required to be on the label that it contains Mercury / Thimerosal -- your vet would have needed to call to verify.

·         Rabies should not be given with any other vaccines or procedures.  Separate the out 2-3 weeks apart from others.    Say no to combo vaccines!

·         Rabies should not be given before 16 weeks, but recommendations are for 20-24 weeks. 

·         The law requires Rabies vaccines at 6 months, 1 year after that, and then 1 year after that you can move to a 3-year vaccine.   So, your dog will be vaccinated for Rabies 3x by age 2 ½.  

a.       The dosage of a Rabies vaccine is the same for a yorkie as it is for a Great Dane

b.       The dosage of the 1-year vaccine and a 3-year vaccine is the same.   The only variance is frequency.

c.       Titers show that most dogs never need an additional vaccine for the rest of their lives.  But we are obligated by law.   Many top vets are working to change this law country-wide.     You can Join “Protect the Pets” with Dr. John Robb.

d.       The Rabies vaccine is only about 88% effective.  That means 12% of our dogs may in fact be unprotected, even if they have been vaccinated.  Only a titer test will confirm.


Ask your vet for a medical exemption to Rabies vaccine if your dog is truly unhealthy.

Be sure to ask me about coaching sessions to learn about Detoxifying Essential Oils that support the kidney and liver when it is necessary to vaccinate your dog.   

It may also be appropriate to do a "Cleansing" Diet or Detox Diet if we believe there may have been possibility for over-vaccination or vaccine reaction.   Do no delay if you believe your dog is at risk

Dana Brigman