Oils And Cats

Before you really get going using essential oils in your home -- if you have a cat, there are  few other things you want to keep in mind.

Essential oils can be totally safe used around your cat, when properly diluted and when you use ONLY HIGH QUALITY  Young Living Essential Oils.  (I cannot and will not even attempt to validate safety of any other brand)

You are going to here from many groups and forums that you shouldn't use oils with cats.  In fact, you're going to hear similar things about the dog.   But I assure you, we can be smart about using oils around or for the cat -- many Veterinarians, Groomers, and other pet parents do it every single day.

I'll share a few things here with you -- but keep in mind this module is about the DOG!

If you have birds, ferrets, or other small animals. there are additional considerations for safety to keep in mind.   Do your research!

Dana Brigman